Friday, April 16, 2010

TDA - Week 14

First I have a storyboard excercise we did with some friends, to prepare for the exams for the Bachelor in Character Animation here in Viborg. We picked two words, baseball bat and throwing away, and we had to come up with a short story.

I hope it's readable. Enjoy!

And the more boring stuff here. A sewing machine that reminds me of my granny, but I couldn't get to finish it. Also a decent croquis from Thursday's session. Pfff, been a long time since I last drew croquis...
I also have one more long study of an electric screwing driver, but due to it's size I couldn't get to scan it properly. I'll give it one more try and hope it works, because it went out pretty nicely I think!


karsten said...

Good luck today ! :D

Angeliki said...

M aresei to model para poli!!!