Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Roger says hello

Last week has been fun with the very talented french directors from La Poudrière! I wish we had more time to work with them. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to post the flash animations we did for them.

This week is self-study until tomorrow. This means we have to create our semester showreel and maybe go back to previous assignments to correct them. I've been working on one. There would be still a million things to correct in this one, but i will call it finished here.

Roger is waiting for his blind date:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Before the storm

This week was an intro to Flash, so not much to show from my experiments with the program. Though, i have some caricature sketches.

It's been so long since i last did caricatures, and i kinda missed it.
First 3 are the same person, a progression from top to bottom. All are from life.

P.S.: The storm refers to next week actually

Monday, May 16, 2011

Escape project

So here is what we've been doing over a period of 5 months (starting from December).

We developed a story around the word "Escape" which is more extended than the clip, together one CG artist and one animator. My CG partner in crime was the wonderful Michelle Kristensen.

We also did the storyboards together. I designed and animated the character, and the CG artist did the background, the 3d layout and the final compositing.

Everybody did such an amazing work, and the thing is that we had only 5 days to animate, cleanup, and color!! I wish i could show all this work. 

Personally, I had to make a choice whether i would have a good cleanup or a good animation. For me it was impossible to have both in such a short time. And because of my initial idea for the character design,  i chose to sacrifice a smoother animation. If it was now, i would have  probably chosen the other way round (or maybe not), 'cause for my taste, it doesn't matter how good visuals you have, if the animation is not there.

I'll be posting the character design later:

Easter eggs: Here's what a team of 3 awesome people did for the animation jam. It is my favourite film from those 2 weeks. Love the pace in this one.
I'll be posting my team's film later, after we've made some adjustments.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shall we dance?

This is what i've been doing the past 2 weeks. I had a blast!! My favourite assignment so far, i think! The character is designed by me, for a collaboration project called "Escape" with the CGA (Computer Graphics Artists) line, here at The Animation Workshop.
By the way, the 5 seconds animation for this Escape project has to be finished this week, together with cleanup and coloring, until Thursday!!

I hope you enjoy it as much as i did by making it!

Glenn Vilppu for a day

I was very fortunate again this year to have Vilppu (only for a day this time), yesterday Saturday. It was fun to spend a whole day, after a long time again, with life drawing!!

Drawings from last time for anybody who's curious to see what i did last year.

The middle image with the hobbit-proportions figures has an excercise where we should draw from a clothed model, but making it 4 heads high, and thinking of the underneath structure and drawing the clothes in a way that helps to convey the gesture. The objective in this one was try not to copy the model. Quite fun!

Monday, May 2, 2011

It was going to be a teaser

I mean, the poster that follows.

Before Easter holidays, we had a 2 week animation jam, in groups of 3 people. This was the poster i made for our film, and i was going to post it before the official screening of our film on Friday before holidays. But i wanted to do some changes, so i post it now.

It can still be a teaser, since i haven't posted our film yet. Here it goes:

Later i'm also going to post our film, after we've made some corrections.

PS: I hope everybody had great holidays! I now i did, but it was very short time.