Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quadruped project

So, a lot of things have been happening lately... Spring has arrived (almost), Glen Keane quit Disney, Andreas Deja is visiting the school in April (!!!!!), and the CGs are done making the quadruped project look beautiful with rendering and compositing.

A few things about the quadruped project:
This was a 2 people project, one animator and one CG artist. In total, it spanned over a period of 3 months. First, we were collaborating with the CGs to create a design (i was sick, so unfortunately wasn't involved in that stage). The CGs modeled, rigged, textured the creature, and then the animators took over to animate it. After we were done, the CGs did the rendering and the final compositing.

Us, the CAs, were done with the quadruped animation 2 weeks ago. The actual animation for this creature was made in 3 days, so bear with me if it's not perfect...and it's not.
These past 2 weeks we had acting with 2 characters interacting with each other. I'll probably post this animation (rendered with textures and lights oh yes oh yes), even though it's far from done. We also did a one day side project, which i'm also planning to post!
Lots of things to show in general!!

This week it's Easter holidays for the school, but not much of holidays for me, since i'll be staying at Viborg to work on my showreel for a summer internship, and also helping out the bachelors with their films.

The quadruped:

Design, CG work: Bastian L. Strube
Animation by me

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spartan warrior

I did this sketch a while ago, but i've been doing several tweakings, so i couldn't scan it yet. But now, i called it finished, so here is my Spartan warrior:

Maybe i'll color him at some point.