Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Caricature Jam - Jimi Hendrix

So, here is an illustration that started as a sketch.
We started with a few friends a weekly jam. There will be a different subject each week (hopefully).

This one was made during a lot of hours. I experimented a lot trying to find a proper way to do things, so I ended with something like this. The second image is the starting sketch.
Linework done with Illustrator, the rest were done in Photoshop. I also used some of these awesome people's brushes: B-a-s-h , circle--of--fire , LMSD , and a few others, that unfortunately, I don't remember where I downloaded them from.

See what my other two friends did: Humphrey and Natalia (hopefully, she will upload her attempt soon)

Next jam: Angelina Jolie. I hope I'll have it ready by Sunday.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sketches made in UK

I'm very sorry for the quality of the scans.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Drawing Academy - The End

God damn, it's hard when something so nice like this ends...Today we had an exposition of drawings, selected by our teacher.

The first days at the Drawing Academy seem so far away now... It was a beautiful trip! I learned a lot of useful things, and I got to know some awesome people!
The level of the class was amazingly high, and this was sometimes intimidating, but motivating also.
I still feel that I have a lot to learn, and I wish I could take more time with classical drawing.

Anyway, here are photos from my drawings. I kept a bit of myself in the photos, so that you can make a comparison of the size of the drawings. Almost all of the long studies, and a lot of the sketches were similar size. For a better quality of the drawings you can check my previous posts here.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Holland & friends

Today I returned from a trip to Holland, to a Van Gogh museum, which is called Kroller-muller museum. It was awesome!

On the bus I did a few quick portraits, so here they are:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Week 21 - Final week of drawing

Yes, I'm really sad to say, but this was the final week of drawing, as next week we're going to a short trip to Holland to a Van Gogh museum, and on Friday we're going to have an exhibition, so there will be a lot of preparation going on.

I also have a portrait long study, which I didn't scan properly, and I will add later. The first drawing here is the final body long study that I do at The Drawing Academy, which I cannot claim entirely mine, because I got a lot of help from my teacher. I think it took around 9 hours to finish.
The second is a 3-hour unfinished study . The next are 5 to 10 mins croquis, and the last one is an unfinished study also.

I started a digital self-portrait painting as a vampire. I'm mentioning this so that I will be more motivated to finish it eventually!

Note for the blog: I have setup the comments so that EVERYONE can comment, not only those who have a gmail account. So, please, feel free to comment, or just say hi :) I would be happy!