Saturday, June 5, 2010

Week 21 - Final week of drawing

Yes, I'm really sad to say, but this was the final week of drawing, as next week we're going to a short trip to Holland to a Van Gogh museum, and on Friday we're going to have an exhibition, so there will be a lot of preparation going on.

I also have a portrait long study, which I didn't scan properly, and I will add later. The first drawing here is the final body long study that I do at The Drawing Academy, which I cannot claim entirely mine, because I got a lot of help from my teacher. I think it took around 9 hours to finish.
The second is a 3-hour unfinished study . The next are 5 to 10 mins croquis, and the last one is an unfinished study also.

I started a digital self-portrait painting as a vampire. I'm mentioning this so that I will be more motivated to finish it eventually!

Note for the blog: I have setup the comments so that EVERYONE can comment, not only those who have a gmail account. So, please, feel free to comment, or just say hi :) I would be happy!


Bjørn said...

Even though I probably already told you, I really like the one in the top. I like the rest as well, but the on of Laura at the top is the one with the must striking rendering :) Keep it up, man!

Dionysis Douliakas said...

Thanks for the thumbs up man!