Friday, April 30, 2010

TDA - Week 16

Today was the first time that i received acclaim for a long study from my teacher. It is the first piece, a 3 hour study, which I couldn't scan due to its size, so I took a crappy photo of it.

This week was full of short 20 min studies, and the longest ones, which were 80 min. It's a real pain in the @ss to scan all these, due to their size.

Next week we're going to have Glenn Vilppu! How cool is that??? I've seen his videos, and he is a master of classical drawing!
I'm so excited!!!

I apologize for some cut feet or hands, but the paper is large and it's difficult to scan the drawings.

Note: Started organizing this blog, due to the bulk piling up (I've reached 200 drawings!). I have put label links on the side, and I started putting labels on each post, and hopefully the blog is more interesting and fun to watch like this.

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