Saturday, October 11, 2008

Long Saturday...

I've got this strange feeling, that instead of doing the things that are urgent at this time, I'm spending time doing other things...

I was reading about power centers, and came up with a goofy character, not a glow of originality... I then continued reading about the same topic and old people.

Btw, I have no idea who Hellboy is and what he does!


Blake said...

Hey buddy,

Nice to see that you're sketching :). A good idea though when you're at such an early stage is to start filling out your entire paper with random sketches, just to get an idea of your media and your style. It doesn't matter what your sketches look like at the end of the day, just as long as you learned something.

First of all though, is to get an understanding of constructing, and I'm talking about shapes, planes and anatomy. Since you're not recieving any training at the moment, I strongly recommend digging in to some books.

One book that I still use a lot as reference, and which helped me the most during my portfolio was a book by Burne Hogarth, called Dynamic Anatomy - Revised and Expanded. Hogarth is THE artist who inspired all the comic book artists (you'll notice by his over-muscular figures, which he in his book explains why he does them). Ofcourse, that's not an ideal style for an inspiring animator, but over-exaggerated muscles helps to understand exactly what their functions are. Anyways, I hope you pick it up, here's a link to it from Amazon:

Anyways, best of luck, and keep on sketching! I'll be dropping in from time to time to check our your progress :)


Dionysis Douliakas said...

Thanks for your comments man,

I always thought that Hogarth isn't good for learning anatomy...Well I'll give it a second thought :)

What do you mean by "Doesn't matter that you can't see what things are later, it's just a very fast way to get used to your medium"?

Also about the style that you mention, I've heard that style comes on its own with practice. What do you think of that?

Btw, I hadn't realized that the difference in price between uk and usa amazon is so small!

Blake said...

What I meant by that is when you're filling your paper out with your sketches, it doesn't matter that your sketches look like crap when you're done. Sketch a lot and sketch fast, and soon enough you'll be sketching stuff that looks great :). Style does come with practice, and that's what this is about :).


Angeliki said...

Afta einai Dionisius!!!!!

Tha se tsekarw pio kala stis epomenes meres giati trexw alla ta spas!;)

Dionysis Douliakas said...

Thnx Angelika!
Xairomai pou t'akouw apo sena auto, perimenw me anypomonhsia ta sxolia sou! :D