Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A fine day

Yesterday night, I started reading the great free pdf book Gesture Drawing for Animation by Walt Stanchfield, a great Disney animator. In a few words, Stanchfield explains the process of forgetting about drawing details, and focusing on gesture and feeling of the drawing. So, today I tried to follow his advice.

Reaching the last page, the line flow was great and I was very happy with
it, but had to stop :( I'm pretty happy with the cats' gestures on the last page!
Generally, I didn't pay so much attention to anatomical details, but getting a "feeling" of the "objects".

No, I don't only draw cats, dogs, chicken, goose, bears etc...

This was from two days ago. I'm pretty happy with it, so I'm posting it:

A note: from now on, I'll be posting only the parts I like most. I think this is the best for all of us:P

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