Monday, November 11, 2013

Girls, girls, girls

I'm alive!

Sorry for the lack of posts, it's due to laziness i admit it... I think this post will make the guys that visit this blog happy (i hope)!

So, news so far... Internship at Cartoon Saloon was awesome, people there are very friendly! I was lucky enough to work on Song of The Sea!
I recently came back to Greece and i worked a bit on another project that the studio is working on, which is called "The Prophet". It's also looking beautiful, but unfortunately i can't show anything, so you'll have to wait.
Now i'm doing my own stuff and preparing for the next gig.

Recently, i've been studying Masters of Anatomy and today i got on a girl-drawing spree.I should be doing animations for my portfolio instead...
Tried a variety of styles. First 3 drawings are from playmate Raquel Pomplun. The other ones, in order of appearance are Greek tv persona Elena Papavasileiou and dancer Maria Antimisari. Not that you'll find any likeness, but just mentioning the inspiration.
Apologizing for the crappy image quality from my scanner, drawings are losing a lot and i probably have to make a digital pass if i wanna put the in my portfolio..

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