Sunday, April 8, 2012

Randers Rainforest

So i finished my showreel, but there are a few small things i'm considering to adjust, that's why i haven't uploaded it yet.

On Thursday, i went to this Rainforest-zoo place in a city one hour from Viborg. It was great, a very interesting experience indeed!! There were three domes, three different regions of the world: South America, Asia, Africa, and in each one of them, they were trying to simulate the environment as well. A non-artist friendly environment in a few words! Very humid and warm, especially at higher places that you could reach with stairs. There was this bird, that was at the highest place of the zoo that you could reach, warm as hell, that i couldn't help but take out my watercolors and sketch its colors!! It's the first sketch below.

You could also enter a cave-like, dark and kinda scary place, where bats were flying free. Eeeeek!! The monkeys were running free like most of the animals, and i had the chance to get very close to them. I touched this very small one, and after that a guy was looking weird at me. Later i saw this sign saying: "Don't touch the animals". I guess that was the reason :o)

Note: All the sketches, apart from the last one, are watercolors. I hope you enjoy!

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