Saturday, December 4, 2010

Penne prøve week

Do you know what penne prøve means? Me neither... But this was the official name of the last week's course.
We had 5 animation directors coming from the Danish Film School in Copenhagen. They had a 2 min animatic prepared each, we were split in 5 groups of 4-5 animators, and each one had to animate 5 secs from the animatic.

The story:
A girl is in crash with a guy who's throwing a party. She goes at the party with a gift, she gives the gift to the guy, but the guy seems to be uninterested in her presence. She ends up drinking.

Animation for short film from IllusionOfLife on Vimeo.

Maybe i can upload the animatic later, so you can get the whole picture.

Ps. We had an awesome guy who was the animation supervisor at The Secret of Kells, as a teacher for this week and the previous 1,5 weeks!!

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