Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Caricature Jam - Groucho Marx

I had a really difficult time with this caricature. Did almost 10 sketches before starting the final one, and yet, I'm not happy result, neither I can call it finished.
Also for some unexplained supernatural reason, my scanner wouldn't scan the page properly.

I'll try to forget this piece and move to the next week's jam which is Carles Puyol, a symbol for the spanish national football team and Barcelona.
But before that, I'll try to finish the self-vampire portrait.


Humphrey Erm said...

Hey, thats pretty good :) Now you are ahead of me in terms of getting the amount of drawings done :) I'll see when I can do this one and the next one. And don't worry Dionyis, I don't know the guy who is next week, so now its my turn to be totally confused ^^

Dionysis Douliakas said...

Hahaha, you should have watched the World Cup, you had your chance :p

This Groucho guy really gave me a hard time...