Saturday, February 9, 2013


Υο! Been a long time since i last posted anything animation wise..

This is a project i worked for a month in October, at the Film School in Copenhagen together with animation direction students. I apologize for the lack of subtitles, but i'll make an attempt to explain what it is about:

Timeframe: Around 1920's. An expedition is set to explore the Arctic. (If i remember correctly) after an accident on the ship, the captain (blue guy) and a sailor (red guy) are the only survivors. They have very little food left. The captain is trying to manipulate the sailor into serving his interests, but in the end things get out of hand...

The bodies are motion captured, and we had to animate the faces and the hands. In one of the last shots, i had to do the body animation as well, since the motion capture data was lost. I think i will upload my shots on vimeo soon and put subtitles on those.

Hope you enjoy, even without subtitles!

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