Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Action animation

Yesterday was the deadline for a 7 day action animation, where our character had to escape from something. So we also had to put some acting in it. I cheated a bit, since my character is not exactly escaping from something, but rather doing a move to find himself having the upper hand towards his opponent.

I chose to do this, because we're making a trailer project together with the CG line, where we have a shot with the same animation, so it was an opportunity for me to test out the style of the animation and this specific movement for the trailer project.

Here you go:

Gotta say that i can find 100 things that need fixing, especially with the run in the beginning, since my main focus was the running up the wall and the backflip.

Finally, before this 7 days of action animation, we had a lift excercise, but i need to fix some stuff before i upload it.

Oh, and one important thing i forgot to mention... Big thumbs up to Nicolai Brus Hansen, a 3rd year fellow student, for giving me the models for the fence and the bar, and letting me use them in my shot!!

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