Monday, May 16, 2011

Escape project

So here is what we've been doing over a period of 5 months (starting from December).

We developed a story around the word "Escape" which is more extended than the clip, together one CG artist and one animator. My CG partner in crime was the wonderful Michelle Kristensen.

We also did the storyboards together. I designed and animated the character, and the CG artist did the background, the 3d layout and the final compositing.

Everybody did such an amazing work, and the thing is that we had only 5 days to animate, cleanup, and color!! I wish i could show all this work. 

Personally, I had to make a choice whether i would have a good cleanup or a good animation. For me it was impossible to have both in such a short time. And because of my initial idea for the character design,  i chose to sacrifice a smoother animation. If it was now, i would have  probably chosen the other way round (or maybe not), 'cause for my taste, it doesn't matter how good visuals you have, if the animation is not there.

I'll be posting the character design later:

Easter eggs: Here's what a team of 3 awesome people did for the animation jam. It is my favourite film from those 2 weeks. Love the pace in this one.
I'll be posting my team's film later, after we've made some adjustments.

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