Thursday, March 4, 2010

TDA - Week 9 - Portfolio week 2

*Update Sunday*

Some croquis from Thursday that i scanned today. The first two were made with charcoal and went crazy again! Actually, i kinda like the outcome, and i'm thinking of adding color to them at some point. The rest were made with a pen:

Some sh*t i've been doing this week for my portfolio:


Artemis Tsagari said...

the sketches are amazing!!! especially the one with the pants full of hearts :p Well done!!

Natalia said...

hey man!! I like the cowboy name ;)
Keep going like in this babunga mood and the sexy power is gonna help you to get in..and with a bit more of sexy power from mikel maybe humphrey and me get in too ;)

Dionysis Douliakas said...

Hahaha let's hope the god of sex dionysos will help us all get in!!! :D

Artemis, of course he is a sexy cowboy!! :D