Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crappy crap - Wednesday

Starting from yesterday's sketches (from bottom to top), here we go:

I made an observation about the cat's front legs, although a very quick one.

Also, I have an idea about a funny illustration about a situation, hope I'll work on it these days


Blake said...

Looking good. One thing though, you should pick up an animal anatomy book. Infact, pick up an anatomy book on anything you're about to draw. If you study the bones in a cat's hind legs, you'll notice that a cat has 2 joints in its leg. This is not because it has 2 "knees", but infact because its as if it walks on its toes. Look at what happens to your own legs when you stand on your toes, and you'll understand it. This explains the semi-wierd bump you have given your cats in their upper legs (that's where their "real knee" is). So when you draw that part from now on, make sure it's able to move ;)

Looking very good though, keep it up :)

Dionysis Douliakas said...

Hmmm, I see what you're talking about...
In fact, I'm planning to buy an animal anatomy book:
Together with Hogarth's book that you suggested, and a facial expression guide :)
Do you have Hogarth's book? I've read not so flattering comments about the revised version and the colored illustrations included, and I was thinking of buying the old, black&white version.

Thanks for your comments mate! :))

Blake said...

I got both, and revised is deffinately the one you want. The color adds so much to understanding. Revised has everything and more than the original has, so whoever was complaining was talking out of their gluteus maximus.